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2018 PIPA RECITAL “Brighter Day” Saturday, June 16, 2018, 4:00 p.m. Wake Forest University 1834 Wake Forest Road Brendle Recital Hall Winston-Salem, NC 27109 ~ Courtney Porter, Owner/Artistic Director Positive Image Performing Arts pipartsws@gmail.com pipartsnc.com  ~ 2018 Mr./Miss PIPA Contest Congrats to Lia McManus-Shabazz  ~ 2018 Mr./Miss PIPA Contest Winner ~ WHY BUY ADS? ~ Each year prior to the recital PIPA commences the Mr./Miss PIPA Contest.  All PIPA students along with family and friends can sell ads to people and businesses.   Recital ads show support for your favorite dancer/performer and they also advertise the services/products of a local or national business.  Simply put, the student that sells the highest total sale amount of ads wins the contest.  To qualify for the Mr./Miss PIPA Winner Title, students must sell at minimum $250.00 worth of ads.  The winner of the contest will receive one (1) year free tuition along with a great gift and a special prize bag from Dink Digital Productions.  To clarify, one year of free tuition is based on the nine (9) month tuition rate for one class or one team that begins September 2016.  Additionally, the contest winner will represent PIPA during this year's Winston-Salem State University's Homecoming Parade. 1st Runner Up receives $40 off their 2018 - 2019 Tuition starting September 2018 2nd Runner Up receives $30 off their 2018 - 2019 Tuition starting September 2018 3rd Runner Up receives $20 off their 2018 - 2019 Tuition starting September 2018 4th Runner Up receives $10 off their 2018 - 2019 Tuition starting September 2018 ~ PLEASE READ! ~ HALL Text, Photo or Business Ads will only be played as a commercial on the Big Screen inside the Hall throughout the duration of the recital.  LOBBY Text, Photo or Business Ads will only be played throughout the recital on television(s) or video projection equipment outside the Hall in designated  lobby area(s).  Prices vary for the type of Ad you purchase.   Please note that every attempt will be made to show all ads, but some ads may not be shown because of Recital time restrictions as determined by PIPA.  All Recital Ads will be included on the PIPA Recital DVD.  ~ AD DEADLINE: TBD 2019
Allowed file types for upload: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png File Extensions 1.	Type your email address 	2.	Type your full name, address, phone number 	3.	Select option(s) and quantity of Ad(s) 	4.	Enter information for each ad purchased 	5.	Upload photo/graphic file for each Ad  o	(option 2, 3, 5 or 6 only) 	6.	Press submit payment to PayPal* 	7.	Or Press clear form to start over 	8.	Complete safe and secure online payment process 	9.	All Ads Online sales are final! *NOTE: Our orders are processed by PayPal.  Once your form has been submitted you will be forwarded to PayPal where you will then enter in your payment information. The transaction must clear or be approved before your ad(s) will be created by  Dink Digital for this year’s PIPA Recital. Ads Online Instructions Any questions/concerns, please call Dennis D. Dove at 336.416.5579 Contact Information BUY ADS ONLINE DINK DIGITAL Easy  Process MR./MISS PIPA CONTEST Buy Ads Dink Digital/Productions & More Create and Buy Your Ads Online Today! An Easy, Automated Process...
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